No Monthly Retainers.

Only Pay When Patients Show Up.

60 Day Guarantee - Expires October 31st!

If 20 new patients do not show up to your practice within the first 60 days of

working with us we work FOR FREE until we deliver

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"We went from 80k to 176k, the highest in a decade..."

Dr. Emil Chynn - Park Avenue LASEK

Why Doctors Are Loving the Target Patients MD System

  • 20 Consultations in 60 Days Guaranteed
  • Automated Lead Follow Up System
  • Weekly Coaching Calls with Practice Growth Expert
  • Dedicated Account Strategist
  • Only Pay When Patients Show Up
  • No Contracts

Real Results. Real 5-Star Reviews.

How We 3X Your High-Ticket Procedure Production

Without Getting Burned Out

Step 1: Educational Marketing Campaigns

  • We run educational campaigns that not only generate a steady flow of quality leads but also position your practice as a local authority and thought-leader when it comes to your high-ticket cash procedure.

Step 2: Done-For-You Lead Follow Up

  • Our A.I. technology uses over 200+ data points of machine learning and to convert them from lead to showing up in your chair. That means no added work for your team AND all you have to do is make them say "YES".

Step 3: LIVE Weekly Treatment Coordinator Coaching

  • Your treatment coordinator plays a crucial role in your sales process. Our Treatment Coordinator Coach was tremendously successful at working and consulting medical practices for 30+ years doing over $10M annually.

Step 4: 75% Case Acceptance Club Training

  • We’ve created a pre-recorded training to help you master your role in the high-ticket cash procedure sales process for achieving 75%+ case acceptance. Get a blueprint for success to increase your profitability within the first 60 days of our partnership with over 8 objection handling scripts.

Yes, you get all of this AND you ONLY pay us when someone shows up to their consultation.

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